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My “General Health” staple supplements

Probiotic: improving gut health and digestion is key for both fat loss and muscle gain. Improved gut bacteria will also improve immune system function. The best time to take probiotics, in my opinion, is first thing in the morning. Multi-Vitamin: having a good quality multi...

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Fat Loss Training for the time poor

I hear it all the time, “I’m really busy at work at the moment” or “I will get back into the gym once work gets a bit less hectic”. Trouble is they don’t actually stick to that commitment.. We all go through these busy periods...

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Replacing processed with whole foods

The first thing I look at when making alterations to a new clients diet is removing possible inflammatory foods. For most people this is going to be processed foods & sauces, refined sugars & gluten (wheat). Replacing these with “whole” food sources will lower their...

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