The Simplest Way to Lose Fat

If you have been reading my blogs you will noticed a pattern in my nutritional advice: Don’t eat processed foods. Without counting calories, weighing food or calculating how many grams of fat are in 7 almonds, simply removing processed foods from your diet is a sure fire way to shed some fat. Eating unprocessed food is one of the most effective ways to not only get and stay fit & healthy but it is a great method to lose weight as well. Eating unprocessed food can easily help you get rid of all the chemicals and additives that can make your body gain weight. The benefits are not only in body composition, by removing processed food you will:

  • lower inflammation
  • improve digestion
  • prevent or treat constipation
  • have you more energy
  • clear up your skin
  • prevent nutrient deficiencies

A lot of people underestimate the power of eating unprocessed foods mainly because they are simply not aware of what chemical-free grub can do to their body and lifestyle. Eating unprocessed foods all but ensures that you will avoid unhealthiest ingredients on the planet like trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, refined flour and added oils.

The premise of this classic diet is simple. Choose foods that are natural, in their simplest form. For instance, choose fresh lettuce, carrots and tomatoes you can chop yourself over a pre-packaged salad. Choose sweet potato, quinoa & rice instead of highly-processed pasta or bread. Choose grass-fed beef over grain-fed, free range chicken over caged and wild caught fish over farmed. Avoid any packaged foods with more than a handful of ingredients (that you can’t pronounce), and steer clear of any ingredients you can’t identify. Stay away from any foods that won’t spoil eventually – their long shelf life indicates they contain synthetic preservatives. I did some research to find some celebrities in great shape who follow a similar diet plan – Jennifer Lopez…. Enough said!