Treat Meal not Cheat Meal

The negative connotation associated with the word “cheat” implies that by having a meal outside of a healthy nutrition plan, you are doing something you shouldn’t. Apart from the initial 2-4 week period of a fat loss program whereby the goal is to maximise insulin sensitivity and minimise inflammation, treat meals are an essential part of a nutrition plan. Here’s why:

  • On a lower caloric diet the bodies metabolism will undoubtably slow down and your thyroid hormone will be down regulated, treat meals reignites the fire the aids fat loss.
  • Treat meals will bring water to your joints and alleviate any joint pain you may be experiencing from a rigorous training program.
  • When you continually eats the same foods you can develop food intolerances.
  • I’m convinced long-term diets induce insanity – eat a burger, pizza, ice cream, whatever it is you love eating and keep your sanity.

Notice the title of this blog is “Treat Meal”, as in singular, not plural.. My advice is to eat the treat meal at the end of the day as your last meal, get in that food coma, go to bed and sleep like a baby. This also avoids the likelihood of a treat meal turning into a treat day!!