The Perfect Breakfast

The first thing men think about in the morning is sex… But not long after that we think about breakfast. Known as the the most important meal of the day and rightly so – your breakfast sets up your entire neurotransmitter production for the day. Enter the protein & fat breakfast!! The meat & nut breakfast was introduced to me by Charles Poliquin during the first seminar I ever took with him back in 2012, needless to say I took the advice on board and haven’t looked back.

The meat allows for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar and the nuts provide a great source of healthy smart fats that allows the blood sugar to remain stable for an extended period of time. I’ve used this with many clients and always seen great results in doing so, both in body composition & energy levels. I found that it doesn’t specifically need to be meat & nuts, you can use any protein source such a salmon or chicken paired with smart fats such as avocados, olive or coconut oil, organic butter and I like to include some green vegetables! My personal favourite – Beef cooked in butter, organic eggs and some asparagus!