How to stop Re-Gaining Lost Body Fat.. Forever

You’ve finally reached your fat loss goal after months and months of hard work, good eating habits, and consistent exercise. You relish in your success and you cannot wait to show the world the results of your hard work. You begin to celebrate by going out constantly: beach clubs on the weekends, dinners out during the week, late nights dancing with your friends, parties wherever and whenever you can find them. You’re feeling & looking amazing! But pretty soon, those new clothes & bikinis you just bought are starting to feel a bit more snug than you’d like them to, and don’t really complement your body the way they first did. There’s nothing worse than seeing all your hard work slip away in a matter of weeks so how do you get back on track?

Surprisingly, the secret to keeping your hard earned results is really not much of a secret. Honestly, it’s just as simple as getting back into a regular exercise routine, practicing some basic healthy eating habits and sticking to it! Take care of these and you’ll stay lean forever:


Without an abundance healthy nutrients flowing through your body, your training will be irrelevant. After gaining a little fat, the general consensus for most women to re-lose the weight is to go back to a strict eating plan. Instead, just stop eating processed foods, dairy, gluten and wheat. Also eliminate starchy sugary foods such as white bread and pasta – replace them with sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice & gluten free oats. There is no counting calories, no weighing of food, just simply cleaning up your diet. You eat whole foods – if it used to run, swim, was grown in the ground or was plucked out of a tree you can eat it.


Exercise really is the “magic pill” – it’s just one that most people forget to take consistently. Yet, it’s one of the most effective ways to maintain your results. Exercise (especially weight training) turns your body into a fat-burning machine preventing the body from gaining fat even during a situation of excess calorie intake! We all know it can be very easy to eat more food than the body really needs, especially after dieting for a long time, but even if you have a few higher-calorie days, you won’t regain—as long as we continue moving every day. In fact you’ll have boundless energy for the next few sessions your are in the gym.

So what’s best? For most women, three lifting sessions and two HIIT sessions is ideal. It may sound like a lot, but it breaks down to around three to four hours of exercise a week, and these can be combined in different ways to allow two to three full days off from the gym every week. It’s best to still find ways to be active on those “off” days. Whether it’s walking the dogs, yoga or dancing—it all counts! Not only will you feel better with renewed energy and vigor, but you’ll help your body look better for longer, too. And don’t we all want to feel healthy, attractive, and strong?

What’s Next?

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