Get ripped in Ramadan Volume 1: Breaking the Fast

Leading up to Ramadan every year I get a lot of questions about what to eat to break the fast. The answer is always “It depends on when you will workout” – here are 3 options on what to have to break the fast:

  1. Training before Breaking the Fast: 30g beef protein shake, 20g glutamine, 10g greens and 25g carbs from fruits (I like 100g pineapple or 1 banana)
  2. Training immediately after breaking the fast: 20g branched chin amino acids, 10g essential amino acids, 10g glutamine & 10g electrolytes plus 1 coffee with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Then after you workout you would have a protein shake with some fruit same as option 1.
  3. Training a few hours after breaking the fast: White Fish (200g for me, 100g for women), green vegetables 100g with olive or coconut oil 20-30g. Then 30-40 mins before woking out have option 2, then after the workout have option 1 – personally this would be my preference.