Post Holiday Blues: How to get back on track

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks on holiday – I didn’t workout, I ate dessert every day, I ate far too much bread & drank wine every day! In that time I managed to gain around 1-2% body fat.. Now going from 6% to 7-8% doesn’t seem like much but if I lived like that for a whole year thats 12-24% body fat gained. If this sounds similar to what happens to you when you travel here’s the best way to get back on track:

  • First – don’t eat carbs for the next 7 days after you return. This will improve my insulin sensitivity, every meal should contain contain a portion of chicken/meat/fish, vegetables in particular green vegetables and some healthy fat. This will be quite difficult – I never get sugar or carb cravings but since returning to work and normal life I’ve wanted to eat carbs every day! Stay strong and see out the 7 days!
  • Second – workout every day for 7 days but make the sessions shorter than normal. Generally I will do 50-60% of my normal volume and won’t add any overload techniques like drop sets or supersets. Just focus on contacting the muscles hard! Its really important to not try and pick up where you left off before you holiday and nail yourself in the gym. Each week slowly add some more volume and you’ll feel much more better about workout out.
  • Drink lots of water – normally on holiday i barely get through 2 litres a day so once I return I will aim for 4 litres a day to fully rehydrate.
  • Take your vitamins – multi vitamins and B-complex in particular

After 7 days reward yourself by taking a rest day & eating something you love! By following these steps you should be back on track and ready to push towards your next goal.