Eight Keys to Permanent Fat Loss

  1. Inflammation – control inflammation by eliminating refined carbohydrates (insulin makes us fat & keeps us fat).
  2. Nutrition – a return to the Paleolithic diet (meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds) of our ancestors will promote fat loss.
  3. Toxin Reduction – detoxifying will increase your fat burning significantly.
  4. Exercise – lifting weights is critical for fat loss; a ratio of 4:1 resistance training to cardiovascular training.
  5. Water – consume bottled or alkaline (water with lemon/lime) water only to help fat loss.
  6. Restore Hormones – optimise your hormones to optimise fat loss.
  7. Advanced Supplementation – smart supplementation can help you reduce inflammation and oxidation, improve energy, and detoxify, all necessary for sustained fat loss.
  8. Lifelong Learning – knowledge, relaxation, and a good nights sleep make you lean.