January Nutrition Goals – Step 2

After eliminating Gluten, wheat, dairy & refined sugars for a few week you will already start feeling more energised and have probably starting putting that extra energy to good use in the gym. The next step is to focus on your protein intake to ensure your muscles are getting the fuel they need to recover.

Setting a protein goal is a little trial and error at first – as a base, start by using your lean body weight (you’ll need to get your body fat measure by a professional) and multiply this by 2.5 grams per kg for men and 2 grams for women. All you have to do, is make sure you hit that total amount every day. So a woman who has a lean body weight of 50 kg, they will need 100 grams of protein spread out through the day – this is roughly 4 x 100g portions of chicken, fish or beef.

Along with the protein goal I want you to also include a portion of green vegetables to all of your meals. The health benefits of green vegetables is common knowledge but its rare that individuals consume enough each day. Make a concerted effort to include a portion into every meal in January.