January Nutrition Goals – Step 1

If in 2016 your goal is to lose body fat, gain lean muscle tissue, increase energy levels, be more productive, improve your quality of sleep, be happy or improve your overall health here is where you begin… Your Nutrition!! Without an abundance healthy nutrients flowing through your body, your training will be irrelevant. The general consensus for most peoples new years goals is to lose weight and to do this they believe they need to go on a new diet. The issue here is changing too many things at one time leads to an eventual lack of compliance and people fall off the wagon, usually before the end of January.

Instead of a complete dietary overhaul start out very basic, by cleaning up your diet. Eliminate processed food, dairy, gluten and wheat. Also eliminate starchy sugary foods such as white bread and pasta – replace them with sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice & gluten free oats. There is no counting calories, no weighing of food, just simply cleaning up your diet. You eat whole foods – if it used to run, swim, was grown in the ground or was plucked out of a tree you can eat it. Do this for the next 3 weeks of January, then we’ll move to step 2: setting a protein goal.