Nutrition Tips to get Healthier Today

Simple tips you can employ today to improve your health and general well-being! Improve these two and watch your motivation to exercise increase dramatically.

  1. Stabilize blood sugar levels; eat smaller more frequent meals (minimum 4). If you are eating carbohydrates in your meals it must be combined with a quality protein source and some vegetables.
  1. Do not have a diet too low in fat. Diets higher in fat & protein are designed to decrease spikes in insulin and to lower the GI index of foods and meals.
  1. Include coconut oil in your diet. Coconut oil is a great energy source and is great for digestive health.
  1. You should purposely use mainly higher glycemic carbs after you train. Some fruit with a scoop or two of protein powder will work wonders right after you train.
  1. Stop eating wheat. Wheat is an inflammatory food that most of us benefit greatly from cutting it out.
  1. Eat protein at breakfast. Eggs & chicken, eggs and beef, eggs and fish
  1. Drink Coffee