Abs – 3 ways to get them and keep them

Here’s my fastest ways to lose body fat through your mid-section to reveal those ab muscles – spoiler alert: its not cardio and sit ups!!

  1. Eat White Fish, Green Vegetables and Coconut Oil: if I want to drop some unwanted belly fat fast I will eat this meal 3 out of 5 meals a day, rotating the fish as much as possible. I can’t explain why it works but I’ve had great success with all who have been committed enough to do it for over a week. Even now I will still eat this meal at least once per day!
  2. No Carb Leg Day: everyone knows leg exercises are the hardest and, therefore illicit the greatest return in term of fat loss. Low carb leg days will improve your insulin sensitivity so when you do it carbs they are utilised much better. There’s 3 days a week I don’t eat carbs, 2 leg days and 1 rest day.
  3. Yohimbine: the fat loss super supplement – never has supplement had such a fast effect on me. I felt noticeably leaner in 5 days taking 1 tab upon rising and 2 tabs pre workout.