Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips

When it comes to fat loss you can’t avoid the basics – these need to be daily staples! As you’ve heard time and time again, achieving body fat levels you can maintain long term requires a permanent lifestyle change. No one wants to workout and eat right and get their results slowly. They want it to happen as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. I completely understand. Hell, I wish I could lose fat 10 times faster than I actually can, too.

None of the following I’m about to mention are new concepts. They have stood the test of time and anyone who has impressively low levels of body fat does every single one of these everyday (well maybe not the last one, but I highly recommend it)! Make these your daily staples and I guarantee you’ll see some results:

  1. Drink Enough Water – So so so simple yet so rarely do people drink enough water on a daily basis. Replace your sweetened (or sugar free) drinks with water and you’ll lose more weight – period! Staying hydrated helps to keep feelings of hunger at bay and fills up your stomach. Bored by plain H2O? Add some fresh lemon or cucumber slices to give it some flavor!
  2. Eat Breakfast – Start everyday with a good breakfast! Personally with me and my clients I prefer not to have carbohydrates at breakfast. Instead have some protein (eggs, grass fed steak or my personal favourite – salmon) and some good fats (avocado, organic butter, coconut or olive oil) to help rev your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar, control your hunger, and boost your energy levels.
  3. Get Enough Sleep – Getting adequate rest every night is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to improve your body composition. Not getting enough or poor quality sleep will lead to increased inflammation in your body, which is associated with multiple health complications such as insulin resistance, chronically elevated cortisol and reductions in testosterone and growth hormone production.
  4. Eat Your Greens – Green vegetables are a vital source of antioxidants that are very beneficial in aiding fat loss. Green vegetables also contain high levels of vitamins A and C which can help decrease oxidative stress and cut down on the stress hormones in the body that can store belly fat.
  5. Get Some Sun (or Vitamin D3) – lets face it, we all look better with a tan! But the health benefits are unquestionable. Adding a little sunshine to your life by getting outside more can relieve anxiety and reduce depression. If you don’t have the time for 30mins of sunlight a day or you live in London I suggestion you supplement with 5000IU or Vitamin D3 per day.
  6. Exercise – You need to elevate your heart rate for a sustained period daily. Not only that you need to perform some resistance training also! There are so many options available to you, so keep it varied!
  7. Relax & Recover – This has my biggest revelation this year: I do yoga every week and meditate on a daily basis. I noticed differences in my stress levels and ability to concentrate instantaneously!

Making the decision to revamp your diet and shed some fat takes courage, dedication, time, and effort, but it’s completely possible. Choosing the right approach can mean the difference between short-term, fleeting results and lasting success. Applying the basics will set you up for long term success and fast track your progress to achieving your results.