Stop Making these Fat Loss Mistakes Ladies

When it comes to fat loss there is no easy way. It requires some effort in the gym and an understanding of nutritious foods to get you there. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation available to us on a daily basis to de-rail your progress. So lets start with the basics:

  • Not eating enough protein: Most women aren’t even close to the required amount to lose body fat! Why is it so important? Because protein satiates, preserves muscle, helps build muscle and during digestion it’s more calorically expensive than carbs or fat.
  • Low fat eating: Foods that are naturally high in fat (eggs, red meat, coconuts) and cholesterol are highly nutritious and perfectly healthy. Low fat food products contain preservatives and usually sugar which is significantly worse for your body.
  • Excessive cardio: Yes cardio will help you get leaner, but its 10 times more effective when used in conjunction with weight training. If your goal is to lose fat – 80% of your time in the gym should be lifting weights, 20% doing cardio.

Sometimes its the things you don’t think about that are causing the biggest problems when it comes to losing fat. Are you doing any of these?

  • Eating “Diet Foods”: We have created all kinds of diet foods that are largely free from sugar, calories, certain nutrients, and of course, taste. These foods are invariably missing something – nutrients. The preferable course of action is to focus on real foods – the stuff that doesn’t come in a box or potato chip style plastic packaging.
  • Too much ab work: Abs are probably most desired and visually appealing aspect of health and fitness, but here’s a secret: Everybody has abs. It’s just the amount of fat covering them that differentiates us. Truth is they aren’t a very “trainable” muscle – they won’t grow much & they don’t burn many calories. Instead do weight workouts with some additional cardio to burn fat and build muscle.
  • Paleo Treats: It’s true paleo style eating is a great way to lose body fat. However the prevalence of “paleo treats” in the female diet is becoming far too common. Just because its labelled “paleo” doesn’t mean it will help you lose fat. If you are searching for a “balanced diet”, in other words one that won’t make you lose fat but also won’t make you gain fat then its fine in moderation but if you want to get leaner you should avoid it.
  • Post Workout rewards: I’m all for celebrating a milestone like dropping 5kg or 5% body fat but lets be serious – you don’t reserve a reward after one workout! This includes “paleo treats”.