Body Maintenance on Holiday

So you’ve been working your ass off in the gym & eating really well to get yourself in decent shape for your holiday.. But what happens when you get there or worse when you get back? After making good progress one of the biggest de-motivators is going backwards! I tell all my clients who plan on taking a holiday or some time away for their normal routine that losing body fat is not possible on holiday – but maintaining what you have is absolutely possible! Here’s how I do it:


I very rarely step foot in a gym while on holiday (with the exception for when I’m back in Melbourne) for a few reasons. Firstly, lets face it – most hotels gyms suck! Getting a workout done with a pair of 5kg dumbbells and a multi station is not my idea of fun. Instead I do something I very rarely get a chance to do in Dubai – outdoors cardio! Ocean swimming, trail running, mountain bike riding, beach sprints – basically anything outdoors. If this isn’t your thing start with something simple – walk instead of taking an Uber.


Let’s start with Breakfast – ensure your breakfast is made up of good whole sources of protein, carbs & fats – eggs, fruits, yogurt, oatmeal. Why? Because what you eat for breakfast programs your neurotransmitters for the whole day, so eating croissants, pancakes & danish’s which are loaded with sugar will make you crave more sugar!

Eat desserts after dinner – you are on holiday, eating desserts is unavoidable but eating them last will give you a great serotonin hit to endure a restful nights sleep. Personally after I eat sweet things I immediately want more, so eating them as your last meal and going to sleep will stop you from doing so.


Holidays often involve alcohol, and why not? You’re supposed to relaxing while on holiday and whats better than a nice cocktail by the pool. Well for one, most cocktails are laced with sugar and can pack a massive calorie hit! Choose wine instead, especially red wine as it contains good amounts of resveratrol which is great at lowering inflammation & controlling blood sugar.

If you’ve been training 7 days a week and eating a calorie deficit for a while chances are, as soon as you don’t work out every day and start eating more – you will gain fat. If this is you, I suggest you review both your nutrition plan & training schedule. Don’t sacrifice life finer pleasures while on holiday, instead do your best to be as active as possible!