4 Week Fat Loss Plan

Before I go any further, know that this plan is simply a quick fix not a long term solution, and is rarely maintainable. If the title sparked your attention chances are your not quite ready for the long term solution, but this plan might be the kick start you need to get there!

Lets say you’ve just booked an impromptu beach vacation that starts in a month, the only problem.. Your body isn’t where you want it to be! Losing a decent amount of body fat in 4 weeks sounds like a bit of a gimmick but I’ve seen it done many times, always by people who have a deadline (such as a holiday or wedding ect). So where do you start?


Obviously!! If you think hard training alone will get you there, you are way off! Nutrition holds all the keys to losing weight. Exercise plays a vital role but your nutrition is the foundation of it all. Most diets contain far to many “empty calories”. These are foods high in calories but very low in nutrients. Think fast foods like burgers, fries, pizzas, potato chips, sweets – all the good stuff!

Step 1 – remove all the crap!

Step 2 – replace with” nutrient dense” food. These foods are lower in calories and higher in nutrients. If your diet have significant amounts of bad food simply replacing them will immediately put you closer to a calorie deficit.

Step 3 – find the calorie deficit. Google search “basal metabolic rate calculator” to find your number then minus 20%. If you want to be really aggressive go for 30%.

Step 4 – low carb days. I’ve stood by this as long as I’ve been doing it myself: 2-3 days per week with no carbs has always given me the best results.

Step 4 – be consistent!


Yohimbine is the only “fat loss” supplement I’ve used with great success. But it only works if your nutrition and training is on point.


Assuming you have a job or family, spending 2hrs a day in the gym isn’t feasible so lets rule out low intensity cardio training – it just takes too long (and is boring AF). Stick with 60min sessions: 40mins weight training, 20mins HIIT. Day 1 – upper body & HIIT. Day 2 – lower body & HIIT. Repeat. Rest & recovery a highly underrated when it comes to getting results! I like 2 days on, 1 day off. This method has stood the test of time & achieved some outstanding results along the way!