Workout Supplements

Getting your workout supplements right can greatly improve the quality of your training session as well as your recovery. The major player here is amino acids – I recommend these to everyone regardless of their goal. Charles Poliquin taught me the importance of these in my early years as a trainer and I haven’t looked back since. Amino acids come in the form of BCAA’s (Branch chained amino acids) and EAA’s (essential amino acids). BCAA’s are sold in every supplement store worldwide. EAA’s on the other hand are a much less common.

Another supplement I recommend to all my clients is a Protein powder (either whey or beef). Personally I have switched to beef protein recently and found it much better on my gut. Whey protein often caused bloating and since making the switch I no longer experience any. If you have similar gut issues after ingesting whey protein I strongly suggest trying beef protein.

Lastly, and this one I only give to clients who manage carbs very efficiently, is cyclic dextrin carbohydrate powder. I’ve been using Vitargo or Glycofuse for a few years now. I first started with them after reading articles by bodybuilding coach John Meadows using them pre workout as well as during his training. Since then I’ve never really stopped (unless in extreme depletion weeks) and seen significant benefits. The main one for me was the workout intensity and endurance: lifting more weights for more reps and a pump that lasted for hours!

If you are new to the gym or still a beginner I would recommend starting with the first two – BCAA and/or EAA and Protein powder. If you are lean and believe you metabolize carbohydrates very well & are looking to build muscle, I highly recommend using a cyclic dextran carb powder both pre and during your workout.