Fat Loss Training Splits

Structuring training splits for fat loss varies from person to person. In this blog I am going to give you a general idea of how I structure my programs for fat loss for males and females.┬áLet’s start with females: I believe the female body responds best to full body training when it comes to losing body fat. Ideally I would have a woman lift weights a minimum of 3 times per week coupled with 2 intervals based training sessions. So a weekly schedule may look something like this:
Monday – full body German Body Composition (GBC) session
Tuesday – sprint training
Wednesday- full body GBC session
Thursday- rest
Friday – full body GBC session
Saturday – complexes
Sunday – rest

For men I like to add a bit more volume per muscle group so I split sessions into upper and lower body days, then again into quad dominant or hamstring dominant leg workouts, and upper body splits of horizontal push/pull (chest & back) & arms, and vertical push/pull (shoulders & back) & arms – guys love training arms!! A weekly schedule for guys looking to lose body fat would generally look like this:
Monday – lower body weights session (quad dominant)
Tuesday – upper body weights session (horizontal push/pull & arms)
Wednesday – sprint training/strongman
Thursday – rest
Friday – lower body weights session (hamstring dominant)
Saturday – upper body weights session (vertical push/pull & arms)
Sunday – rest

In my experience, weekly schedules like the above tend to elicit the greatest fat loss in the shortest period of time. Paired with a personalised macronutrient breakdown & a sound supplement plan you will fast track your progress substantially.