Building Big Shoulders

There aren’t many guys who don’t want to add some muscle to their upper body – in particular, the shoulders. The wider shoulders you have, the narrower your waist will appear. The best way to grow the deltoids (shoulders) is by training them multiple times per week, using various angles to hit the multiple heads the deltoid possesses. Here is how I structure the program specific to shoulder development:

DAY 1 – Chest & Shoulders: 9 sets of front & middle deltoids

DAY 2 – Back & Shoulders: 9 sets of rear deltoids

DAY 3 – Legs

DAY 4 – Rest Day

DAY 5 – Shoulders: 20+ sets hitting all angles

DAY 6 – Arms

DAY 7 – Rest

I program most the pressing movements on Day 5 with some machine pressing on Day 2. Day 1 is strictly isolation work as I like to do a significant amount of chest pressing. I have found around 38+ sets of shoulder work per week is enough to see significant gains in the muscle.