7 Ramadan Fat Loss Tips

The blessed month of Ramadan is only a few weeks aways and many see it as an opportunity to lose body fat and improve their health. With fasting extending for around 13-14hrs this year, it is surprising that rather than losing weight many people end the month a little heavier than they started. The reason is a higher than usual caloric than usual and less physical activity to burn it. Consuming large amounts of food at Iftar and again at Suhour usually consisting of fatty and sugary foods contribute significantly to this weight gain. Here are some basic and simple tips that you can employ throughout Ramadan to lose fat:

  1. Break your fast with fast digesting protein: Rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes is essential. Blend a drink with Amino acids (BCAA and/or EAA) & glutamine with a few tablespoons of coconut oil.
  2. Workout 30 minutes after breaking the fast
  3. Drink a post-workout shake: 30-40g of whey protein, 20g glutamine with about 100g of fruit
  4. Eat a small meal 45-60mins after you workout: 100-150g of white fish or chicken with 200g of  sweet potato or rice.
  5. Avoid simple sugars: sweets and cakes will signal your brain to crave more of there same.
  6. Don’t over exert yourself: with dehydration, disturbed sleeping patterns and less nutrients in your body its important to keep your workout short. 15mins cardio with 30mins of weight traing is sufficient.