Prowler Lean

If I had to choose one exercise, suitable for all levels of fitness, for fat loss it would be prowler sprints! Every time I walk towards the prowler with a client I get the same reaction – a look to the heavens asking “why me?” or “Jeremy, no – please no.” However I don’t make people push this thing for my own enjoyment (although the sadistic part of me says otherwise), the fat loss benefits of this exercise are endless!

The main difference between the prowler and most other types of resistance work is that with the prowler there is no eccentric part of the movement. Eccentric work takes more time for muscles to recover and since sled training only has a concentric movement, it’s a great way to work your muscles on a more regular basis without beating them up too much. By no means does that mean sled work is any easier than lifting weights – anyone who has ever used the prowler knows that it can be devastating and will induce what my colleagues and I call “The Prowler Flu”. The lactic acid build up in your legs is almost unbearable & your lungs burn like hell.. But its damn effective for getting ripped!!

So why do it should you use the Prowler?

  • Increased rate of fat burning for longer periods of time following the workout than steady-state cardio
  • Burns more fat as fuel during the exercise session than steady-state cardio
  • Builds muscle, power, and stamina
  • Takes much less time than steady-state cardio
  • Burn viseral body fat (belly fat)

My favourite Prowler workout:

Start with 20kg on the prowler, push it 40m then rest 1 minute. Add 20kg more so thats 40kg now, push it 40m then rest 2 mins. Add 20kg more so thats 60kg now, push it 40m then rest 3 mins. You guessed it – add 20kg more & push it 40m then rest 4 mins. Now we go back down – take 20kg off, push it 40m, rest 3 mins. Take off 20kg, push it 40m, rest 2 min.. You get the idea. If 20kg feels too light then start with 40kg & work up from there! Now get pushin’