How Hard do you Train?

In every single set you do in the gym there ids a moment where your brain tells your body “that’s enough”. And 95% of the time thats where you will end the set – don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone. Pushing your body to complete failure or squeezing out those extra reps on every set is extremely physically and mentally challenging. I call it the dark side because no one really wants to go there, it hurts like hell, makes you feel light headed and sometimes induces nausea but in order to get the results you want sometimes you have to go there.

I recently started training with Andy Bell who I believe is one of the best bodybuilding and physique coaches in the world. In just a few workouts I have been pushed far beyond my limits and have seen the benefits (and muscle soreness) already. If you train alone I suggest you find a good trainer or training partner who is equally motivated to push it to the limits. if you have a trainer who’s not pushing you to the limits (intelligently of course), time to find a new one! This week, in one set of every workout, aim to go to complete muscle failure, push out as many reps as possible and give everything you have into that one set!