My Experience with Corona Virus

Corona Virus has been a topic of concern for a lot of people for a long time. Sooner or later most of the worlds population will get it. I contracted the virus last week and I thought I’d use this opportunity to express my thoughts on the virus and also explain how I fast tracked my recovery.

Some get very severe symptoms and some next to nothing. Aside from the elderly and immunocompromised being the most at risk, I believe that people with blood type A experience more severe symptoms than other blood types, regardless of their health (obviously the unhealthy are more at risk of death). I only say this because everyone I know who experienced severe symptoms were blood type A. Since the outbreak began I knew that I would eventually catch the virus, it was inevitable and out of my control. What I do have control over is my health. Without a doubt, being healthy sped up my recovery. This is something we should all look to improve.

I believe I contracted the virus on a Friday and my symptoms started to show on the following Wednesday afternoon. I had a mild fever, felt very weak and achy, light cough and my resting heart rate was 30 bpm above average. I felt shit.. I measured my Heart Rate Variability the following morning (Thursday) which was 29!!! Normally its around 65-70. I immediately put together a vitamin protocol (with some sound advice from medial & healthcare professionals also) to fast track my recovery. This is the Vitamin & Mineral protocol I followed for the first 4 days:

  • Vitamin D: 50,000IU a day
  • Vitamin C: 2000mg a day
  • Zinc: 100mg a day
  • Omega 3: 3 x daily
  • Feroglobin (Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, B6 & Zinc): 6 x daily
  • Multi V: 3 x daily
  • Bone Broth: 500ml daily
  • Ginger Shots: 5 daily

Its a lot of pills but it worked very fast! By Friday morning my fever was gone, energy had improved, resting heart rate dropped by 15pm and my HRV up to 48. Huge improvements in 24hrs! I still felt a little fragile but better than the previous day. Two days on & I was feeling 100% so thats 3.5 days total not feeling great, 1.5 days where I would call myself sick. After those initial 4 days I cut the vitamin & mineral dosages significantly. I used resting HR and HRV as an indication of my recovery speed – both scores steadily improved daily. Overall the corona virus didn’t effect me very much for a few reasons – I’m healthy, I loaded up on vitamins as soon as I started to feel sick and maybe a bit of luck also.