Collagen: The Key to Longevity for your Skin

We are all getting older! There’s no getting around it and no matter how old you are, chances are the number one way others perceive your age is through your skin. However the speed of your aging is greatly effected by a number of lifestyle factors. The good news – your are in total control of these! Are you unknowingly speeding up the natural aging process? Lets take a look at the factors that contribute to faster aging skin:

  • Poor quality sleep
  • Eating too much sugar
  • Stress
  • Sitting all day & lack of exercise
  • Poor gut health
  • Sun overexposure
  • Smoking & Alcohol
  • Drugs – pharmaceutical & recreational

All the above lifestyle factors play a role in the accelerated breakdown of Collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies making up 70% of skin, hair and nails and nearly 100 percent of connective tissue. As we age, our bodies’ natural production of collagen slows dramatically. Over the age of 30? You’re probably losing collagen (about 1-2% of your bodies total collagen every year). As collagen levels lower in the body, skin typically starts looking older!

How do we boost our collagens levels to keep our skin looking young & fresh?

Collagen is present in all animals, and it’s the most abundant protein in mammals. The highest concentrations of collagen are in connective tissue (i.e., tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, and bones) of the animal. Slow cooking these animal parts into a bone broth is a great way to get a rich source of bioavailable collagen in our diet. For those living in the UAE – The Clean Living Company sell both Beef & Chicken Broth! If you’re not in the UAE check with your local butcher or organic food store for bone broth. Eating fruits & vegetables rich in vitamins will also increase the production of collagen in your body.