The Cardio Experiment

About 5 weeks ago I embarked on little experiment to reduce my body fat after my vacation where I had gained some unwanted body fat. Until then I hadn’t stepped foot on a piece of cardio equipment in 2016. My nutrition, supplements and weight training remained the same, the only variable I changed was the addition of 15 minutes of stair master 3 times per week. Here’s the result: Lost all the body fat gained over my 4 week summer holidays (around 12mm of skin fold measure) – Success!

I decided to push it a little harder for the next week and raise it up to 15 minutes of stair master 5 times in that week and managed to drop another 7mm. My body fat is now the lowest n0w its been all year! Here’s my take on low intensity cardio for fat loss – it works… short term! I don’t believe I could sustain 5 days a week without losing my mind. Training sessions lasting longer than an hour are just not practical¬†for people working 40+ hrs a week. Use cardio for short time periods to get the desired result then taper back but remember the main focus should always be nutrition & weight training.