"Achieving optimal body composition requires not only intelligence, but also passion."

Make it happen and get the whole picture with the 3 essential elements


  • Discover the correct macro nutrients for your body
  • Detailed meal plans
  • Pre, post and during workout nutrition
  • Eating for a body composition result ie. Fat loss, lean muscle gain
  • Eating for strength and performance gains


  • Structural balance and posture
  • Training for body composition
  • Training for strength and performance
  • Full range of motion training and technique for long term joint health
  • Training for a desired hormonal response ie. Fat loss, lean muscle mass, strength and performance etc

Optimal Health

  • Improve digestive health
  • Maximization of Energy and awareness
  • Optimal Cognitive function and concentration
  • Optimization of hormones for male and female body compositions
  • Male and female specific hormonal considerations
  • Supplementation for maximal results
  • Body fat ratio- lean muscle to fat mass
  • Maximum recovery strategies